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  1. I Created domin(Postgres Datasource) with derived table.. Then i create chart pro report using studio and published in Jasper server is in Cloud. The report have Domain Query <query> <queryFields> <queryField id="Merchant_Sales.country"/> <queryField id="Merchant_Sales.transdate"/> <queryField id="Merchant_Sales.transpoint"/> <queryField id="Merchant_Sales.year"/> </queryFields> <queryFilterString>Merchant_Sales.year == year_1 </queryFilterString></query> The issue is each time when i run the report the report showing inconsistance data.? Some time records counts coming in millions,, some times in Thousands... Any idea ? please help.....
  2. Am havin MongoDb.. with GridFs for image storing.. haw can i fetch image from database.. ? Do Jasper server / irpeort supports MongoDb with GridFs for image ?
  3. Try with objectId.value() option Ex: { 'collectionName' : 'user', mapReduce : { map : 'function () { emit (this._id,{ id : this._id.valueOf(), lastname:this["last-name"]}); }', reduce : 'function (key, values) { var allDetails = []; var user = { id: null, lastname : null}; for( var index = 0; index < values.length; index++) { user.lastname = values[index].lastname; user.id = values[index].id; allDetails.push(user); user = { lastname : null}; } return {list : allDetails} }', out : 'list' } }
  4. i have report url like below: http://localhost:8090/jasperserver-pro/flow.html?_flowId=viewReportFlow &standAlone=true&parentFolderUri=%2Freports%2FTest_Reports&reportUnit=%2Freports%2FTest_Reports%2FReport_V1 &j_username=jasperadmin&j_password=jasperadmin&userid=nithi but the parameter userid is used inside the report as a input control which is not visible.. we need the paramerter value nithi as secured one.. . where user cannot predict the userid. the value of the parameter userid will be changed dynamically Is there any encoding or encryting that jasper supports for url parameter or to handle encryted valued in ireport > Please help.
  5. How to call MSSQL stored procedure with input in IReport. Am using following query to call.. CALL MY_PROC($P{INPUT1}, $P{INPUT2}, $P{INPUT3}); but its returning this error com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Incorrect syntax near '@P0'.Please help... Thanks in Advance -Nithin Post Edited by nithyanand11 at 01/05/2011 09:02
  6. Could you please help .. In a report with subreport..if i set strech type = "related to tallest object".. the main report gets break in new page when the subreport in long.. how to handle this scnerio..... . . Thanks in advance
  7. Could any body help me, how avoid the main report break in new page if stretch type = " relative to tallest object "..... how to handle this? Am using jasper ireport 3.5.0.. . . . Thanks in Advance. Post Edited by nithyanand11 at 12/02/2010 11:55 Post Edited by nithyanand11 at 12/02/2010 13:05
  8. Could you tell me how to switch to a particular page by page number other than navigator
  9. could you tell me how to switch to a particular pae by page number in jasper report?
  10. Could any one tell me how to travel to a particular page by giving page number as input in jasper report Post Edited by nithyanand11 at 09/03/2010 16:36
  11. thank you, but still am having some issues. i gave "JRPrintText.getFullText($F{HOSTNAME})" in Text Fieldexpression.. i got Error: Compilation exceptions: com.jaspersoft.ireport.designer.compiler.ErrorsCollector@136d4 net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Errors were encountered when compiling report expressions class file: 1. The method getFullText() in the type JRPrintText is not applicable for the arguments (String) value = (java.lang.String)(JRPrintText.getFullText(((java.lang.String)field_MYTEXT.getValue()))); //$JR_EXPR_ID=28$ i saw many functions but it will very mush helpful to me if i got some examples or any sample implementation thanks
  12. Can you give me the information about data which you gave... Which DB you are try to connect..? For Ex: * Driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver * URL jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mydb * User Name Password Time Zone Asia/Kolkata - India Standard Time America/Los_Angeles - Pacific Standard Time America/Denver - Mountain Standard Time America/Chicago - Central Standard Time America/New_York - Eastern Standard Time Europe/London - Greenwich Mean Time Europe/Berlin - Central European Time Europe/Bucharest - Eastern European Time Test successful
  13. In ireport, if am try to display a string like "1234567890-abcdefgh" in text box with width - "15", but its just showing "1234567890- " remaining "abcdefgh" was skipped and displayed in second line.. but i need to display like "1234567890-abcd" , just to display the string as much space available. please help which escaping method will be suitable to handle this scenario. -thanks in advance
  14. i tried but still am havin the same tenantId issue.. do you hav any other right way to solve this issue...
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