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  2. Brian, If you are getting this error in the CF template launch wizard, make sure you are checking the box next to "I acknowledge that this template may create IAM resources", on the 2nd screen of the wizard ("Specify Parameters"). You must make this acknowledgement in order for CloudFormation to run the template, since the template creates IAM resources. -Veronica
  3. Hi Brian, The logged in AWS user account running the CloudFormation (CF) template, has to have adequate permissions to create IAM roles. If your account doesn't have that permission, the CF template will need to be launched by another user with all required permissions. That user could then provide access for you to the EC2 instance after it's up an running. See the JRS Pro for AWS doc, section " - Using Our CloudFormation (CF) Templates" for the full list of permissions required to run the CF template. -Veronica
  4. The 5.1 version of "Jaspersoft BI Professional for AWS" just went live on Marketplace today. The correct name to search for is: "Jaspersoft BI Professional for AWS v5.1" - Veronica
  5. Dmitry, The AWS product is not limited in the way it does aggregation. Anything which works on stand-alone JRS, will work on AWS. There is a setting you can change to push down aggregation, you can see if this addresses your issue (might depend on DB type): http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/unexpected-results-andor-performance-issues-group-summaries-ad-hoc-v50-and-later Alternatively, you could explore a couple other options: - Create a derived "aggregate" table for the target data in his domain, which groups the values as desired and returns count(distinct ColumnName) - Create a custom entry point/SQL function in the semantic layer config BTW, the 200K limit can be changed in Ad Hoc Server Settings (Manage -> Server Settings -> Ad Hoc Settings -> "Ad Hoc Dataset Row Limit".
  6. It might be easier to update the password to an empty string in the database: update jiuser set password='' where username='superuser' Then restart the app server, log in and change the password using the UI.
  7. Which version # of JasperReports Server are you using? Did you install it yourself, or did you use our AWS Marketplace product? When you create the data source, you should be able to test it. Does that work? Can you confirm you are using a DB level username and password which has appropriate permissions on the tables you expect to see? - Veronica
  8. It looks like you are using an earlier community version AMI. The AWS Data Dource is available only on the commercial AMI at the moment (posted on AWS Marketplace). You have to follow the steps outlined in the above link to launch it correctly.
  9. Yes, you would be charged the Marketplace hourly price for the product only for the time the instance is running.
  10. The AWS Data Source is available in commercial version 5.0.3, of JasperReports Server. As of today, that version can be launched via the AWS Marketplace only: http://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-aws/launch In earlier versions, you must use the standard JDBC data source and configure AWS security yourself. We will be releasing the AWS Data Source feature more broadly in the 5.1 commercial release of JasperReports Server, in the next 1-2 months. Then, you will be able to use it from stand-alone (non AWS Marketplace) machines. It will also be in the next Community release (I'm not sure about the timing of next community release). -Veronica
  11. I'm not sure how to answer this question. Where do you see "BI for Mobile iOS"? Our (Jaspersoft) app is called JasperMobile for iOS.
  12. If you have JasperReports Server running, you can use the JasperMobile apps to view reports on Android (http://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jaspermobile-android) or iOS (http://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jaspermobile-ios). If you want to build your own app, you can see the associated SDKs, also on the community site.
  13. Here's the updated link: http://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jaspermobile-ios/releases
  14. Hi Manas, We have posted newer versions of the SDK. There is an install guide which goes with them, take a look: http://community.jaspersoft.com/project/mobile-sdk-ios/releases -veronica
  15. There are a few things which might be going wrong here: 1) You shouldn't have the /login.html at the end of the URL (I'm not sure you do, but in one of the lines above you have it 2) The URL should start with "http://", i.e. http:/myIP:8080/jasperserver/ 3) If you are using our Community edition (which I assume from the URL), you should leave the "Organization" field blank (Multi-tenancy is a feature in our commercial Enterprise edition) 4) Make sure you can access the server from your phone. If it's on a corporate network, for example, you may need to use VPN on the phone to see it. The best test is to try the login URL from a browser. It won't really work, but you should see the login page come up. Let us know how it goes. -veronica
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