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  1. Hello,try instead to pass your report the Vector "scenes" and create your new JRBeanCollectionDataSource(scenes) from the report (I guess you're using subreports).Tell me if it solves anything. Regards, Morgan
  2. Hello Teodor. Actually, you already answered to my questions on another topic :) But it is very nice of you to take time to answer this kind of problems. Indeed, I understood I had to give JR the ttf files so it can have the metrics and then properly do the text measure. The only problem is I now have big pdf files, 'cause I guess the font are embedded. It's not a big issue, but I'm still wondering if there is a way to prevent Jasper from embedding the fonts, even if I know I would rely on the presence of these fonts on the client machine. I noticed the 'pdfEmbedded' flag in the XML font extension process, but I don't see any difference between both true & false values at this point. If you have the ultimate tip, I'd appreciate it :) Thank you very much once again for everything you've done. Regards, Morgan
  3. Hi !Are you working from Java, with dynamic parameters ?In that case you could maybe set a function which add the hard spaces automatically when setting a paragraph field. That's just an idea...For your second problem, you could maybe do some tricks with subreports and split-not-allowed-bands, like prevent the subreport band to split, and authorizing the content band (not the title one) of your subreport to split. Once again, that's just an idea... :) Regards, Morgan
  4. Hello Nelson ! I never used i18n properties files with Jasper, but I happened to read something about it during my research. I think (which means I'm not sure :)) you can pass your report the properties file you want, with the REPORT_RESOURCE_BUNDLE parameter. I invite you to read the internationalization section of the JasperReports tutorial (http://jasperforge.org/website/jasperreportswebsite/trunk/tutorial.html?group_id=252), I think you'll pick up what is interesting for you. I hope it'll help you. Regards, Morgan
  5. Hello Teodor ! Thank you very much for your response, it is very nice of you. I understood there was no other solution than embbeding my font in the PDF file... I just wanted to save some space on my server, but I think it's the only solution left :) Thanks a lot again. Regards, Morgan Post Edited by blaguman at 06/30/2009 13:11
  6. Hello everybody !Does someone know which fontName you have to choose when you specify an asian font in the pdfFontName field, being sure they have the exact same metrics ?And with the new extension properties, when you build font families in the XML file (spring), how do you specify an existing font known by Jasper via iText, and not a TTF file you embbed in your jar ?Thank you :) Regards, Morgan
  7. Hi Lucian. Thank you for your response !I understood that I had to map my font with a similar physic font, but which font do I have to set in the fontName attribute when I'm writing in one of the asian languages included by iTextAsian ? I really don't know how to choose a system font which has the same metrics as a font like STSong-Light, or whatever...Thank you :) Regards, Morgan
  8. Yes, you can use a subreport for that. You'll have to create a subreport, and give a subreport expression to the subreport element in your main report like : new JRBeanCollectionDataSource($P{dataSource}) (with dataSource of type Collection, List, Arraylist...) Your subreport will have a REPORT_DATA_SOURCE, and will iterate on the fields you tell him to. Like lucian said, map a field with _THIS (I didn't know that, very interesting ! :)), and use it in the detail band... Regards, Morgan
  9. And what if I put the content of the iTextAsian archive in my jar ? How can I use these cmap files ? I'm sure there's an easy solution to this problem, but I'm still stucked... If a good soul is reading this post... :) Regards, Morgan Post Edited by blaguman at 06/25/2009 08:49
  10. Just a dumb question, BTW : why don't you put the different labels in the same file, with different id's ? Regards, Morgan
  11. OK, I finally found how to deal with the font for each locale, but I still cannot use the iTextAsian fonts in the xml file. I wrote something like this, which works : ... <property name="name" value="TigreFont"/> <property name="normal" value="ARIALNB.TTF"/> ... And I would like to use a japanese font, for example, and write : ... <property name="name" value="TigreFont"/> <property name="normal" value="HeiseiKakuGo-W5"/> ... But the HeiseiKakuGo font is not recognized. Do I have to prefix/suffix it with something so Jasper can understand it's a built-in font included in the iTextAsian jar ? Thank you :) Regards, Morgan
  12. In the pdf export, the usual reason of a blank page is the integrity of the datasource passed to the report. Check if you're actually passing a good datasource (object integrity and content), and check the "When no data type" section in your report.You can also try, just to see the result, with a JREmptyDataSource object instead of your datasource. Then we'll see what we can do :)For the xls file, I'm sorry but I cannot help you, I've never tried to export in xls. Regards, Morgan
  13. Hi. For your pdf export, are you passing a datasource to your report ? Regards, Morgan
  14. Hi Vasko !OK, so your datasource seems to be OK, but not displaying... Are you in a report or a subreport ? Did you check whether your datasource was full from Java, or at runtime in your report ?Could you also give us your sources so we can understand better ? :) Regards, Morgan
  15. Thank you again, Teodor, I think it's starting to work as I want ! Just a question again.. I have several languages supported in my application, and I'd like to have only one template for each document. In the fontName. Is it possible to specify, in the xml file, which font should be used for each locale (also using iTextAsian fonts) ? Thank you very much... Regards, Morgan
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