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  1. Hi What's the calculation = "sum" in your file? I don't have this... </field> <variable name="GroupCount" class="java.math.BigDecimal" resetType="Group" resetGroup="Name Group" calculation="Sum"> <variableExpression><![CDATA[$F{COUNT}]]></variableExpression> Martin
  2. I'm with 3.7.5 version. No change with the "Reset Type" option set to Group. The pie chart don't change, it stick on the first person, even when I change page, other person name. For a last time, would please tell what I could be missing? MartinF
  3. Thank you! I now have a pie chart with my fruits. But, the pie chart don't change when I have a new person. How the pie chart is suppose to know what is the name of the person above it? A parameter to add the the pie chart? Thank you again MartinF
  4. Hi Is it possible to embed an html page in a report? Martin F
  5. I have a database with 17000 differents names. I would like to have a pie chart for each one of them. So it's possible...? Question: how? In a pie chart, how many pourcent of the three differents fruits for Paul? Next person: another pie chart for Peter, etc. ? How to do that?
  6. Yes, I want a separate pie chart for each person... Possible? If not, do you suggest another graph? Martin
  7. Hi I read a lot about pie chart and still not able to do what I want. My data look like: name apple orange cherry Paul 3 5 7 Peter 5 6 8 I do a report for each name and want to show a pie chart with pourcent of apple-orange-cherry for each people. I didn't find any example yet. Thank you Martin F
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