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  1. Hello, I want to create a crosstab, I know that it is possible and I already created crosstabs with iReport, but I absolutely cannot find the Function for the creation of a Crosstab. Could you please tell me where I have to look?
  2. Put them in one textfield and add the strings with + like "justSomeText " + $F{Stringfield} + " " + $F{anotherStringfield}
  3. I switched my Database from Access to mySQL and the Chart (XY-Chart) works.. the Timechart not. Unfortunately I don't know WHY it works now, but at least we know that it is possible.
  4. I read that you posted a feature request about this, and that you posted, that you created a subreport from a different datasource than the master report. Please tell me how to do this.
  5. First of all, 0.4.0 is totally outdated, actual Version is 1.2.5, go and get it from http://jasperforge.org/sf/projects/ireport Then you can use subreport return values, like I wrote in the last post.
  6. I think that rajesh thought of setting the background color at runtime. I have an idea for this: take 2 fields, one for each background color, and let the two field be displayed in change by setting the "display when expression" in a way that it is true every second time.
  7. the FIELD is Double, so put a "new Double()" around the whole sentence and it will work. If you just dont want to DISPLAY something,use the "print when expression" in "common" of any field.
  8. Don't forget to check if you really need so much subreports- maybe you can do the same thing by using Groups? It is really seldom neccessary to use a bigger amount of subreports and most Reports don't need subreports at all.
  9. I found out that it is possible to set a connection expression for subreports that does not have to be the connection expression of the main report. But how do i make a new connection expression? I even cannot read the connection expression of the main report because iReport does not let me. Maybe I only need to know the syntax of a Report Connection. I need this Information because this seems a way to have more than one Datasource in a Report. I have to use several Databases and if I do not find a way to do this with iReport, or a simple Way to put everything in one Database, I may be forced to use Crystal Reports. I would prefer to stay using iReport.
  10. make a Variable in the main report for each of both values. make a subreport return value and connect the value from the subreport with the Variable of the main report. add the variables and display them in time= "band". In subreport(others) you can set the subreport return value.
  11. Fields you put in the "summary" area will be displayed at the end of the report, fields you put in the "last page footer" will be displayed at the end of the last page and fields you put in the "page footer" area will be displayed at the end of each page.
  12. Ok, that is possible. What is working now, and what is still to do?
  13. I read about subdatasets, but i think that they are only for Charts and Crosstabs, not for Main or Subreport. But maybe something has changed since iReport 1.1.0? I also need to know if it is possible to use more than one Datasource in a Report or if I have to design and build a special Database just for Reporting.
  14. Ok, its working. I changed the x-values to new Double ( (new Double(0).valueOf($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(0,2))).doubleValue()+ new Double(new Double(new Integer($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(3,5)).intValue()).doubleValue()/60.0).doubleValue() ) and get Minutes. I still do not know how to get the time-chart working, but thats not urgent anymore. Thanks for your help!
  15. I changed the Database from Access to mySQL and now the Charts do display something. The XY-chart displays the number of Telephone lines per hour and the Time-Chart displays only a dot at 00:00:00 and 0.. but i would like to have a chart of time and the used telephone lines per minute. The X-Value is calculated by: new Double ((new Double(0).valueOf($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(0,2))).doubleValue()+ (new Double(new Integer($F{Uhrzeit}.substring(3,5)).intValue()/60)).doubleValue()) $F{Uhrzeit} is the time as a String in Format '23:59'. the Y-Value is just the number of Lines (Integer). This Chart displays the number of Lines per hour, but should display per minute. The Times Series Dataset seems to display a null-value. It gets its time-value from this: new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm").parse($F{Uhrzeit}) Both charts have Reset Type="Report" and Increment when expression = "new Boolean(true)" Do you have any ideas?
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