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  1. I have never done this but there is a return variables tab in the properties of the sub report. High leve I think you have to setup variables in both reports and set the caculation type to system.
  2. Make sure you are not assigning $P{von} to $F{some value} under the parameter settings. Post Edited by Chris Collins at 01/30/09 22:30
  3. For number 3 this may work Not Tested new Boolean($F{amount}.intValue() > 1000 || $F{amount}.intValue() < 10 : "true" ? "false")
  4. Not sure if this is it but you must have the $P{name} setup in the master and sub report. If I am creating a variablel parameter I set the value with a statement like the one below. Code:($F{varname}.equals("ups")?"Today's Ups":$F{varname}.equals("avg")?"Today's Avg ":"NOTHING")
  5. Use SELECT 1 It should work to fire off the report
  6. I see what you are saying. I think you will need to do this in the query with some case statements. Checkout this site for help with that http://www.artfulsoftware.com/infotree/queries.php?&bw=1280 Or you could do a variable with an if statement where you use the value ($F{hour1}?$F{hour1} :$F{hour2}?"$F{hour2} etc :"") But , really what you want to do is change the db to use relational db. the code below is what I would do. and then your query would be like this which would give you what you want. select h.hour,c.name from data_table join hour_table as h on h.ref = c.hour_ref Code: Post Edited by Chris Collins at 01/27/09 17:56
  7. Be specific about what you are running and what the problem is.
  8. Edit the report properties edit->report properties. click on the more tab set the print order to horiz
  9. I usually do this. select name,date,value from table where date = curdate() • Draw a chart of type line in the summary band • Edit the properties of the chart Click on the chart tab Click on edit chart properties Click on the chart data tab. Click on details tab. Click on add. • For series expression use $F{name} • for category expression use $F{date} • for value expression use $F{value} • Run the report Post Edited by Chris Collins at 01/23/09 20:21
  10. Seemed to be the preset size of a4. A letter size works fine.
  11. You need to be specific in your title, and question. ALWAYS check the docs and search the forums before asking a question
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