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  1. Hi everybody, I have a question.. :S I'm working with my detail band in my report, and it is working with a sql query. I need to show the lines or the format of my detail band when this come with null.. For example: If my detail band can support 10 records and I just have one record, I have to show the format or lines of the 10 records :dry: Thanks.. I hope you answer me soon...:blush:
  2. Hi.. I have good news for you.. I can solve my problem.. So, i'm going to share my solution with you. I had to show two subreports, that show me 15 records per page of each one. First, I create a group in the subreport, in the group expression I define this: Code:new Boolean($V{dec2_COUNT}.equals(new Integer(20)))//where dec2_count is the variable that the ireport create for a group.. then i put both subreports in the detail band, with the width and height of one pixel each one.. =) all that's all.. in the first subreport you have to select "fix to the top" and in the second report you select "float".
  3. hi.. use the Insert page/column break.. and put it after the textfield..
  4. Hello, i need your help please... I have this problem... I have one subreport.. but i don't know how to split it.. because i need to show only 15 records per page of the subreport...But I'm also working with the detail band.. It's something like this: Detail Band 1 2 ... 15 NOTE: In the detail band i show 15 records without any problem... and it let me show the subreport.. subreport 2 1 2 ... 15 the problem is that the subreport show all its records and then it let to show the data of the records of detail band (since 16-30)... So.. I need to split it... I was trying with the page break.. and also with this code: new Boolean($V{REPORT_COUNT}.intValue()==15?true:false) that let me show only 15 records per page..but it only work in the first page.. because the subreport show all their data... I need that the subreport work as the detail band.. Can someone help me pls.. !!! :dry::unsure:
  5. I can solve my problem... well, not at all... But, I have a new problem I have two subreports. and it just show me the first subreport in the first page and the other one show me in another page... and i need that they could be show in the same page with the same number of records (this part I could solve) =) ... pls help me..!!!! I need to resolve this soon...
  6. I see your code..and i think that you forgot send the parameters.. You have a map called parameters, so you have to put all the information that you need to send the report.. for example: if you are working with objects you can use: parameter.put("name", object.getname()); Now, you have data in your map, now in ireport you have to declare this parameter "name"... pls go to view -> parameters->new.. and declare the parameter "name" don´t forget: if the parameter "name" is String in Java you must declare it as String in ireport.. It´s easy.. I hope that it could be usefull for u.. see u..
  7. I don't understand.. Do you have just one page? or three pages? If you have just one page, and you need three pages pls don´t select the option "Ignore Pagination"...
  8. I´m working with iReports. I have one master Report, this report use two subreports. This subreports have their own group. Ok.. the question is.. How can i fix the details band??? o how can i show a determinate number of records pero page?... I was trying with a rowcount in my select statement.. but i can´t... Help me pls.. :( For example: i have 28 records, but the master report show me the 28 records of the 1st subreport and only 6 of the second subreport... i need that the master report show me 15 records of each subreport... and the other records could be show in a new page... Thanks again..
  9. thanks..!! I'm working with a Derby database, so I'm gonna look for a similar method as the trunc. If you know about it, please let me know.. =) thanks again
  10. :huh: i need your help... I have two subreports with a group each one, and i have to show only ten records of each one per page. So, i really don't know if i have to fix the detail band, or if i can use the Report_count variable. I'm using the version 1.3.0 of ireport, in your previous answer you said that this version contain an element "Force a New Page"... I´m looking for it, but i can't found it..:dry: please I need to know if it show only a determinate number of records per page.. :side: I hope that anyone can help me... :S Thanks..
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