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  1. Hi, I am able to use LoggedInUser in iReport.It can show the loggedInUserName in a textbox, but I want to use this in a dataset of ireport. When I call it in DataSet it ask me for setting/assigning a default value to this. How can I assign a default value to this object. Can anybody help me out this. Rabinarayan
  2. Hi, Thanx for your suggetion. Can you name me the built-in parameter in iReport to access the loggedInUser Name. Or, Can you suggest me how to access LoggedInUser name in Jasper Report i.e in iReport. Plzzzz help me out. I'll thankful to u. Rabinarayan
  3. hi, can u help me how to use logged username in sql where cluase for an input control. I want to create an input control type 'Single Select Query' and SQL Query based on Logged username. Plzzzzzzzzz help me out. Rabinarayan
  4. Hi, Plzzzzz any one help me. I want to use logged username in a sql query for an input control. For example: I want a combo box with type 'Single Select Query' and Query like 'Select user_email from users where name = <logged Username> it's urgent, so plzzzzzzzzzz help me. Rabinarayan
  5. Hi, Take a variable in i report and assign the addition function of your fields to them, then place the varialbe in your report. Rabinarayan
  6. Hi, I am tring to use logged username for an input control whose type is 'Select Single Query'. I want to make a SQL Query for that control like 'Select * from Users where Name = <Logged User Name> Rabinarayan
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