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  1. I agree, 100% good features ! Many thanks iReport / JasperReports team!
  2. To help you understanding what we are doing: We use iReport with a JasperReport custom server, filled by xml datasource. We integrate iReport within a Python / Qt application. Templates (jrxml) are stored / versioned in a database, and used directly by the server. Our templates heavily rely on subreports, which are dynamically choosen from user data. Now, some things I hate in ireport-nb: 1) Property window, really hard to get for end users. Please give it back as in iReport-classic (left button on an element), it was fantastic :-) 2) As said just before by someone: colors are a cool thing! Users are now use to thoses colors! (Green OK) 3) Alignments are really cool things, Isn't it possible to get it like in the other version in the menubar ? (I've tried to create a new toolbar, no success) 4) iReport-nb launcher do not understand files other than ".jrxml" files... So bad! Isn't it possible to add an extra argument in the command line to get thoses files opened as jrxml reports ? (Our users of iReport don't care of netbeans) 5) Please give us the possibilty NOT to load previous opened files!!!! (Example: open a ".xml" file, Open a report, close iReport, launch iReport, the xml file is loaded!) 6) Why drag & droping fields in the "display" between bands do not switch which band contains the element? 7) Zoom / Page width was REALLY an amazing feature! 8) Styles (Bold, italic, ...) in the designer view are hidden if the screen is not large enough, isn't it possible to get it back in the toolbar like "open, save, ..." ? (Like in office, openoffice, ...) Things I love in iReport-nb: 1) Customization, really amazing (but buggy :)) 2) It's fast, really! Good job! 3) JR 3.5 full support 4) Properties window can modify ALL things ! Really cool if it could be accessed with left button ;-)) Hope it'll help you improve this beautifull product. Many thanks for that really good piece of code, Best regards, Laurent
  3. Here's an incomplete part of code I use in our application: Code: zoom = (float)1.6; logger.info("Rendering images (format "+new String(format)+"«») zoom: "+new Float(zoom).toString()); /* To get a correct by OS image Writer */ Iterator writers = ImageIO.getImageWritersByFormatName(new String(format)); ImageWriter writer = (ImageWriter)writers.next(); JasperPrintManager printManager = new JasperPrintManager(); BufferedImage[] rendered_images = new BufferedImage[(jasperPrint.getPages().size())]; ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); output = new byte[(jasperPrint.getPages().size())][]; for(int i = 0; i < jasperPrint.getPages().size(); i++) { try { rendered_images = (BufferedImage)printManager.printPageToImage(jasperPrint, i, zoom); } catch (JRException e) { String message = "Unable to export report to pdf."; logger.error(message, e); throw new JasperFillingException(message); } writer.setOutput(new MemoryCacheImageOutputStream(baos)); try { writer.write(new IIOImage(rendered_images, null, null)); } catch (IOException e) { String message = "Unable to write image to the given output stream..."; logger.error(message, e); throw new JasperServerException(message); } output = baos.toByteArray(); baos.reset(); writer.reset(); } logger.info("Rendered Images: "+ jasperPrint.getPages().size()); Enjoy,
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