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  1. I've been trying to connect my report using Spring report loaded hibernate nevertheless it has been imposible alway get Error: cannot Open connection nothing more...anyone has been able to do this??
  2. well, if you need always to pages you can try this. When you do your report in properties activate. Sumary on new page and Title on new page. And for sure you always get two pages
  3. did you add your compile classes to iReport files?. You must add .class not the .java.
  4. Many user complaint about the lack of documentation what do you have to say teodord?B)
  5. I strongly suggest you to use a special lib from php FPDF here is the web Code:fpdf.org
  6. can you maybe post the error that sends you or a better description. First make sure that all Fields are the same type if not Cast them.
  7. Well my question is simple is the report contest still on? or not?
  8. Actually i partially agree, in fact in the beginning i thougth it was a waste of time. but believe me it's worth it plus if you can't get information let me know your email and i send you the only e-book that i've been able to get. But most of my knowlege i've get it by testing and trying to see how could i handle it. Again any complaint or something with ireport only 'cuz i havent go with JasperServer or others. give me your mail
  9. Have you try with the pattern on the textfield property. I've solve all my date problems with that. Go to, textfield properties and in the TextField tab you'll see a pattern you can get help from the create button is pattern editor. let me know how it goes please
  10. Hi, i have some experience workin with iReport nevertheless i've been having some dificulties with this question: can i made a dinamic report so dinamic that has event on the it. I mean i click something and another report apear or that's too far. what do you suggest?
  11. Have you tried to see if you're passin the right path of the report. in wich band are you putting this?
  12. ok this is for example my propertie file in a application i open any Text Editor and i put this (the # are comments): #Archivo de Propiedades de ISSP, modificado por ultima vez el: # #Sat Jun 02 19:13:06 GMT-06:00 2007 report.downmessage="GNU/GPL for a free world" report.iconpath=/home/necronet/Java/MARENASOFT/AplicacionMarena/src/aplicacionmarena/images/marena_nicaragua.gif report.direccion=Carretera NortenTel 263-2826 report.path=/home/necronet/Java/MARENASOFT/AplicacionMarena/src/reportes/reports report.title=Ministerio de Recursos Ambientales y Forestales report.showdate=true appear.landf=System appear.drag=OUTLINE appear.background=none appear.status=true i save it as MarenaConfiguration.properties, now my report.path is the path where my application search the reports. If you still have doubt let me know, here or directly to joseayerdis@gmail.com in order to send you a more complete example.
  13. i dont know if this help you. In my personal expirience i've try to do that the main problem is that it doesn't find the report 'cuz it cannot be openned, as far as i concerned the JAR file cannot be modifed so i use a property file where i configure where does my Report path are.
  14. yes but remember that i need "n" values how can i do to do it from the interface and that the report knows that i ment those variables for example I have a table and from that table i need report just 3 specific areas, how will the report nows that i just need those variables i can't start creating multiples variables on the report so my answer is how do i make that consult or can i create report variables from the java interface or can i send java statement to the report to execute???
  15. I need to know if this problem can be solve. I have a report where i fill it with this consult: select * from sistema_operativo_equipo_view where Area like $P{REPORTE_AREA} order by Area it work fine but only get information from one area. Any idea how can i get information from multiples areas that i desire?
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