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  • Ad Hoc OLAP Views - Store Segment Performance

    • Version: v5.1 Product: JasperReports® Server

    Jaspersoft OLAP - Store Segment Performance

    Jaspersoft OLAP is a powerful data analysis environment that comes with a web-based UI that allows non technical users to analyze large data sets and perform complex analytic queries. Users can quickly slice, dice, pivot, filter, expand & collapse data with ease.

    The "Store Segment Performance" view is located in our repository within the  Public -> Samples -> Ad Hoc Views folder. 


    Jaspersoft OLAP is a R-OLAP powered multi-dimensional engine that lets users interact with data in a variety of aggregated levels from potentially very large data sets. Below is a screenshot of the "Store Segment Performance" view with a multi-level Dimensional Zoom slider engaged.  


    To quickly see summarized or different slices of data, simply use the Dimensional Zoom slider.  Slide the Store Type position to the left position to see All Store sales by Product Type rather than by Product and Store Type. 

    All Store Sales by Product view



    From here, you can view Product Sales by gender by simply moving the Gender slider to the right.  

    All Store Sales by Product by Gender view


    Click here for a more in-depth look at JasperSoft OLAP.

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