Additional Interactive Reports


JasperReports Server comes pre-loaded with multiple sample reports. This page goes in depth into the funtionality of two reports that heavily feature Cascading Input Controls and Conditional Formatting. These samples are located in the repository within the Public -> Samples -> Reports folder and are called "Product Results by Store Type Report" and "Interactive Sales Report".

Conditional Formatting - Product Results By Store Type

Designed with Jaspersoft iReport Designer. Conditional formatting enhances the effectiveness of a report and is an important aspect of Jaspersoft's interactive reporting solution.

To access the conditional formatting menu, click on the top of the column to trigger the menu option, then select the Formatting... item, then click the Conditional Formatting tab.

This will bring up a series of formatting options to apply to the report. For each cell of data, when a condition is met you can apply a specific format for the cell to display, such as a change in color or font.


Every type of value can be conditionally formatted, including boolean, text and numerical values. This walkthrough will highlight the steps needed to create a fairly comprehensive set of conditional formatting parameters.

Step 1. Start out with highlighting all recyclable goods green and all non recyclable goods red.

Step 2. Then format by store type where type equals Deluxe Supermarket or does not equal Deluxe Supermarket

Step 3. Create a more detailed filter for the Sales, Cost and Units columns.

These new conditions will create a report that looks like this.

These conditional formatting settings can be saved for future access. The save button on the upper right hand of the screen will save this newly formatted report in the repository.

Click here for a more in-depth look at JasperReports Server's conditional formatting.

Cascading Input Controls - Interactive Sales Report

Cascading input controls are an intelligent way to narrow a selection of values more quickly. This feature allows the business user to find the data they need within a potentially large number of data categories.

The cascading input interface intelligently narrows the data in order to get to the desired information. In this example, the user narrowed the result of the report to the Product Family: Drink -> Product Department: Alcoholic Beverages -> Product Category: Beer and Wine. From there the user selected all ten beers sold at Supermart. These parameters can be saved for future use.

When there are saved parameters available for a given report, the option to use saved values will appear in the options menu. Saved values allow a business user to quickly drill access the data they need without constantly updating their search parameters.

Once parameters are applied to the report, the report result set displays the data associated with the input controls, allowing the user to interact with the data. The resulting of the filters used in this guide, will create a report that chronicles every transaction for each of the 10 different beers sold at Supermart.

The end of this report features a report summary.

Click here for a more in-depth look at JasperReports Server's cascading input controls.

Additional Report Sample Guides

JasperReports Server comes packaged with a multitude of sample interactive reports, dashboards and analytic views that highlight many key product functionalities. These articles will walk you through through some JasperReports Server's features.