Dashboards & Interactive Reports - Supermart Dashboard


The Supermart Dashboard sample is designed to provide a view into the performance of a retail store chain. It is comprised of 3 reports designed with Jaspersoft iReport Designer. JasperReports Server Professional Edition was used to position each report and apply the Start and End Date input control. The dashboard is intended to be viewed by Supermart executives and managers. The data is associated to products, stores, and customer information. To navigate to this dashboard, navigate to our repository by hovering over the view button and clicking on "Repository".  

From the repository, navigate to the Public -> Samples -> Dashboards folder and find the Supermart Dashboard.

This tutorial will focus on four key dashboard items.

Item 1 - Interactive Pixel Perfect Report Drilldown 

Drill down to an underlying Customer Detail report by clicking on Ida Rodriguez's name in the red box to explore key features like:

Pixel Perfect Customer Detail Report

What is Pixel Perfect Reporting?

Jaspersoft reports can be designed for pixel perfect layout for invoices, client statements and more. These reports are typically formatted for print or for a specific online layout. The barcode in this report can be printed or used for on-screen scanning. Pixel perfect reports can also be fully interactive to give the user more options to tweak or customize the report. They also can be easily exported to different formats such as PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSV, DOC, and ODT

Interactive Tables

To engage the interactive functionality of a table, simply click on the column heading to bring up a menu with four selectable buttons.

  • Column Options allows the user to hide a column as well as access the formatting menu
  • Column Filters allows the user to filter the data by specific criteria
  • The up and down arrows will immediately sort the column in ascending or descending order.

Step 1. Formatting Columns

The Column Formatting option allows the user to hide a column or to access the formatting menu. From the formatting menu, the user can format the column header as well as the column values.

Click here for a more in-depth look at JasperReports Server's Column Formatting.

Step 2. Filtering Column Data 

Set the Column Filter to only show products with 10 dollars or more of sales. 

Click here for a more in-depth look at JasperReports Server's Interactive Filtering.

Step 3. Sorting Column Data

Sort the Sales Column to descend. 

Click here for a more in-depth look at JasperReports Server's Interactive Sorting.


Item 2 - Interactive Ad Hoc Report Drilldown

Designed with: Jaspersoft BI Professional/Enterprise using the Ad Hoc tools of JasperReports Server

Select the Profit Gauge to drill down to the Profit Detail report. 

Follow the lettered steps to explore these features:

Step A. Change the input control to show only food 

Step B. Change the chart type to a stacked column.  You can also change the labels of the report by selecting the Chart Formatting option.

Step C. Click the Total column, select the Table format icon, then apply a filter to remove Departments with profits less than 10,000. 

Step  D. De-select Female Sales to see the chart re-draw with only Male Sales.

Step E. Save the report for future access. Saving the report allows users to access filters, formatting and chart type changes from the past. These saved reports can be saved to and located in the repository. 

Item 3 - Interactive Zoom

Charts feature an interactive zoom function that lets you quickly see specific areas of the chart. To use, simply click and highlight the portion of the chart you'd like to see and the chart will appropriately resize the view in greater detail.    

Item 4 - Dashboard Input Controls

The Supermart dashboard has an input control to give the user a way to quickly change the time period of the report data. Simply change the Start month and End month values and click the Submit button. The other reports on the dashboard will auto update based on the data pertaining to that time period.   

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