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iReport's CVS version - for developers

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By: Alexandru Cârstoiu - acarstoiu

iReport's CVS version - for developers

2004-07-08 14:47



I've been using iReport for quite a while after having tried several visual editors for JasperReports.

I get struck form time to time by code that doesn't even compile, in the public CVS repository.

I can understand partially working state code, but un-compilable... I've been developing myself code in teams, using a version management tool, but I *never* commited un-compilable code and only on a few ocasions and for a couple of hours, broken code.


Lots of people are interested in new features, sooner bug fixes and so on, so that's why they use CVS shapshots. If you don't care about that, take it as a coding responsibility, no lesser than a team commitment. Ideally, the latest CVS version is the project itself, respected and cherished by every commiter.


Hope you take it friendly,




By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport's CVS version - for developers

2004-07-09 15:16


What compilations problem do you have?

Code retrived from cvs should compile without problems (and this is for many people).

Let me know what kind of error do you have exaclty.


Please note that you need Ant 1.6. This is the only critical requirement.






By: Alexandru Cârstoiu - acarstoiu

RE: iReport's CVS version - for developers

2004-07-12 12:36

Well, next time it happens to me I will bring it up. For now, I can only give you as an example the missing directory "templates" (from CVS) which is required by the Ant build file.



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport's CVS version - for developers

2004-07-13 02:09

Yes, we havo to move it.



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