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Debugging iReport

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By: Tony - massa3

Debugging iReport

2004-06-14 13:20

I have recently downloaded iReport version 0.3.2 from the source forge CVS repository and wish to do some debugging in my Eclipse environment. I've located the MainFrame. java class which contains the main class. I would now like to know how to run this app using the eclipse debugger.




By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Debugging iReport

2004-06-18 00:33


I use NetBeans, that is the official iReport IDE, but I suppose that there is no problem to work with Eclipse. But I can't help you.





By: Tony - massa3

RE: Debugging iReport

2004-06-21 06:59

Looks like when I checked out the project from CVS it is not flagged as a Java Application in Eclipse. I created a new Java project in eclipse and copied everything over to the new project. Once I got the libraries in the classpath I was able to start debugging.


- Thanks

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