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Invalid java generated with IReport 0.3.0

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By: PWQ - pwqhunt

Invalid java generated with IReport 0.3.0

2004-06-07 20:25

If column name in data source contains a hyphen then the generated java file will also contain a hyphen as below:


field_alt-inv-id = (JRFillField)fldsm.get("alt-inv-id");


This prevents the java from compiling as a hyphen is not valid in a variable name.


Aliasing the column name in the query works (but is very tedious for general use) however it should be easy to change the code to check for invalid java characters before creating the variable names and replace with an underscore.


Any chance of this ???


Love the product but cannot use due to this issue





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Invalid java generated with IReport 0.3.0

2004-06-18 00:37


Yes, I's useful a check on the parameters, variables and fields name to be sure that they are valida java names.



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