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By: B - kiducf96


2004-04-20 13:13

Wondering if there are any solutions to automate the report. Basically I need the report to run at a set time every morning. Any possible ways of doing this that anyone is aware of. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Using version 0.1.0 under windows xp



By: Dirk Rost - appshare

RE: Automation...

2004-04-20 14:53

OpenReports uses JasperReports with the ability to schedule and email PDF reports.


Use iReport as designer


best regards



By: Mark Rhodes - mrhodes2

RE: Automation...

2004-06-16 16:31

I use quartz to schedule the reports and have them eMailed to any number of users.



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Automation...

2004-06-18 00:31


I used quartz too, with a little engine to create report using java expressions to define report parameters (expression are used to determine current day of week, date, etc...).



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