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Date input control default timezone


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Is there a way I can set a default timezone for a date input control? Right now, the entered dates are set as GMT but I want them as EST.


If it's not possible right now, will it be in the next release?





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Here is a weird situation with Date input control. I hope you can help me...


1) Set the date input to "24/07/2006 00:00".

2) Run the report. The date printed on the report with the code "(new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss zzz")).format($P{BeginDate})" is "2006/07/23 20:00:00 EDT".

3) Click on the "Back" button. The date in the html text input is now "23-07-2006 20:00". Why???


If I repeat these steps, the date at step 3 is always 4 hours before previous date. The 4 hours difference is probably because my timezone is EST.


Thanks for your help!



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