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Difference between $P!{var} and $P{var}

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By: den chong - den06boy

Difference between $P!{var} and $P{var}

2003-09-30 02:58

ANyone can explain to me what the diff between these 2 parameters : '$P!{var}' and '$P{var}' ?

Whats the "!" stands for?



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Difference between $P!{var} and $P{var}

2003-09-30 03:44


When you simply use $P{param}, jasperreports use a prepare statement, and then pass $P{param} as SQL parameter.


When you use $P!{param}, the parameter is processed to generate the final SQL string to execute (for this reason using $P!{} syntax you can pass entire portions of SQL, or the entire query too!)



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What are the benefits of using either approach? It seem s to me that you would want to always use $P!{var} would you not?


I have a situation where I have the WHERE clause being modified as




But at some times I dont want the ID check used so I have that all extracte to an even bigger parameter...




Where I have ID_BIGPARAM =



" AND ID='123' "


So is it more efficient to use $P!{var} or $P{var} for the name parameter?




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