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Java version development status

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By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

Java version development status

2003-05-08 07:19


This is an email (with the response) from a iReport fan.



>It's exciting to sounds that iReport goes to pure >java version.

>Could you provide me pure java version to >preview????


>For me to convince my boss to donate iReport >project





I plan to release the first complete beta at the end of may, start on june.


This is a zip with a part of the actual code.

I'm working on java version hardly and a donation is the best incentive to the development :-)


With this verison you can:

1. create a new report (file->new)

2. load a report (file->open) , please note that only main layout and parameters will be loaded, no elements and groups.

3. add elements to the document (not all elements rendering are complete, and only main elements attributes are handled)

4. move, stretch, delete, resize element

5. use the lens tool


With this version you can really evaluate the performance of the java version.

The version is runnable on a Linux box (I test my release on my Linux box every 1 or 2 days).


This is not much, but I can say that the hardest work (start the porting) is done.


The java version will be include a lot of new features (database exploring, jaba beans support, source code generator for

developer that want add reports to you program, a really advanced expression editor, ....)


If you plan to use iReport in a big project and you need to know the status of development of the java version of iReport

any week, I 'm planing to create a web page for the description of the development status on ireport.sf.net


Have a nice day




ATTACHED: C:DocumentiprogettiiReportiReport2iReport2.zip;





By: Paul Spencer - paulsp

RE: Java version development status

2003-05-08 09:50


Keeping the cvs repository on SourceForge current is a good to make the souce available to the community. You can also have a CVS mailing list setup. This allows user to see the changes/commits.


On a side note, I have been impressed with iReport. The move away from MS Java is very encouraging for the quality of the project and potential community support.


Paul Spencer

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