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Image paths

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By: Brett - bsutton

Image paths

2003-03-08 15:33


how goes the port to pure Java? I'm prepared to bet that its harder than you expected. I've been involved in porting a wfc app to swing and swing is just so much harder to do things in.


Anyway, I have a enhancement request. It would be nice if when adding an image to a report, that if the image path is specified as an expression that the image would still be displayed.


To explain:

I have an image abc.jpg which I'm specifying the path of as:

$P{DocumentBase} + "abc.jpg"


where $P{DocumentBase} has a default value of "c:documentbaseimages".


This works fine when I generate the report but the image displays using iReport's default image icon rather than the one I specify.


Having asked for an enhancement I would prefer to see the Pure Java version of IReport completed first.


By the way, excellent effort in creating iReport, keep up the good work.








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Image paths

2003-03-10 02:49

Hi Brett,


I this particular period I'm enjoing on cracking palm Os software (I have buyed a Palm Tungsten in xmas holidays and crack on palm platform it's too amausing.. :-)

Yes, its harder than I expected, but the reason is that I want that the version in pure java is perfectly equal of the win version...

Status of the porting:

Interface layout: 70%

Graphic engine (with elements handling): 80%

XML r/w: 0%

Parameters, variables,...: 0%


I think that the hardest work is already done.



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