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Error with pdfEncoding!

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By: Tam Nguyen Anh - tamnguyen

Error with pdfEncoding!

2003-01-21 23:31

Hi all,

I met a problem and need your help. When I use iReport 0.0.7 and create reportfont, I saw that iReport automatically added a new string like: "pdfEncoding='CP1252'". Although the generated xml file is well-formed, Jasper Report throws error: "com.lowagie.text.DocumentException: CP1252" when it fills the report.

If I remove all the string off my xml on hand(using notepad), I don't see that error. But if I reopen that file, iReport adds string "pdfEncoding='CP1252'" in reoprtfont tag again.

Is there any idea?



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Error with pdfEncoding!

2003-01-22 04:28

Ciao Tam Nguyen Anh ,


the problem is "CP1252". It's a iReport bug: the encoding string must be "Cp1252" and not "CP1252".

This bug is present only if you use reportFont: to workaround the problem, please remove all predefined report fonts (menu: view->fonts).


I hope this helps you.







By: Tam Nguyen Anh - tamnguyen

RE: Error with pdfEncoding!

2003-01-22 23:21

Ciao Giulio,

I fix that error. Thanks.

I think we shouldn't remove predefined reportfont 'cause we need all the report elements have the same face and save our effort when we want to change to another font. I just replace all "CP1252" to "Cp1252" and that works fine.

Your tool is cool. Thanks again.


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