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Wonderful, but ...

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By: Infogest - infogest

Wonderful, but ...

2002-11-18 07:22

WHY J++ ?



Ok I know the answer to this comment : go and develop your pure java fork of this project ...

This is right, but I can't stand this : I was looking for a report solution for a pure java app. Wow I found Jasper Reports ! Double wow there is a good designer ... oh shit ! it works only on win32.

Why ? It's stupid. There are a lot of good reporting solution for win32. No need to create another one!



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Wonderful, but ...

2002-11-18 15:27

It's a good question.

Please read this thread for answere.








By: Hezaurus - hezaurus

RE: Wonderful, but ...

2002-11-20 03:08

There really is no excuse for that choice. MS J++ is an outdated perverted version of java, designed only to break java and make it useless.

Java is about platform independence, I don't have time to create standard java fork of this but I sure hope someone will. 'Cos without that this is useless - IMHO.

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