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<QueryString> not order?

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By: Outey Ky - chhunak

<QueryString> not order?

2002-11-04 18:09

I am using iReport to create my QueryString and running the same report without passing any parameters or creating any Resultset in my serlvet except the one that was created with iReport.


iReport generates the PDF in a sorted order in the preview windows, but in my web application it's out of order.


I have being trying to track down this problem, but not sure what it's.


All I am doing is runReportToPdf(path,parameters, connection) from the my.jasper file compile in iReport.



Any help is greatly appreciated.




By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: <QueryString> not order?

2002-11-05 00:25

I have make some test. all it seems to work fine. You can make this test: in compilation window don't specify a query, leave the query SQL field blank. In this way IREportCompiler will pass to JasperReports only the connection and not the query. It will be JasperReports that will carry out the query reading it from the jasper file.





By: Outey Ky - chhunak

RE: <QueryString> not order?

2002-11-05 11:05

Thanks. Acutally, you're right it's sorted since I combine two columns(xnumber and xname) into one that it was sorted one way in iReport and another way when using JasperReports in the web application.


In iReport it was sorted on xname, and in Jasper it was on xnumber.

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