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Please help with this graph


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I am trying to plot a graph using iReports1.2.5 with names on Xaxis and Age on Yaxis as a line graph.

I wrote the query for that and the data is returning properly. But the graph is not showing any data. I entered $F{age} for series expression and category expression as $F{name} and value expression as $F{total_enters}.

Can someone help me to identiy what iam missig here. This is very urgent for me.



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The series expression gives a way to collect a bunch of data into a set, which is useful when you want to plot multiple things on a single graph, such as age and height. In this case you set the series to be $F{age} so it thinks you have a bunch of different data series.


Set the seriesExpression to "Age", the category expression to "$F{name}" and the value to "$F{age}". That should help.



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