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Can anyone point me in the right direction.


I currently hava a MYSQL database running (XAMPP package).


I want to use Jasper reports to create reports from the MYSQL database so that I can publish this on our web site etc.


1. How do install the software (I cannot find any tut's)

2. Which products do I use.


Help or assistance would be great.





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JasperReports is only a reporting library. It has to be embedded into some other Java application to introduce reporting capabilities.


iReport is the visual designer that helps create report templates for the JasperReports engine.


Maybe what you need is the JasperIntelligence product, which comes with installers and all. It is a server side product that enables you to deploy report templates that report out of almost any JDBC data source you might have at hand. You'll probably use the iReport designer to create those report templates and deploy them in the JasperIntelligence server.


You can find more details about all these products mentioned here at JasperForge and you can download and try them.


I hope this helps.


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