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PageSum incorrect when detail split not allow

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By: ToAl - toal

PageSum incorrect when detail split not allow

2004-09-18 00:26



Following case:

1,) Detail band is configured as split allowed = false


in Detail band i'm using a TextField with strech with overflow = true.


in Column Footer I have a TextField, whitch displays a PageSUM Variable.


The PageSUM Variable is configured as Double, Calculation Type = Sum,

Reset Type = Page

Expression: a Double Detail Field (like article price)


Problem is:

The Details will processed, if my article text has more lines (dynamic)-> text field strech -> detail band strech. If no more space left on the page->the whole detail band will be copied to the next page, due to split allowed is false.

BUT the processed article price will be added to the original PageSUM, not in the page where it's actually displayed.

So the result is an incorrect PageSum.


If I turn detail split allowed to true the problem is solved, but I it would be nice not to split my detail bands (and article texts).


Thank You,


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