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Pentaho report designerV/s Jasperreports


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Hi Frends,


So after searching a lot,I am not able to figure out differences b/n ireport(jasperreports) and Pentaho report designer.

I want to ask why one should go for Ireport not to choose Pentaho report designer.

If anyone knows about it,Plz let me know as soon as possible.

Till now I was not in habbit of going to the forum ,but now I felt the Importance of it ,here the people like you discuss the things solve the problems of ours,work in collaboration.Thanxs to you all.




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Hi Neetika

I am also carrying out a similar exercise and right now looking at Jasper. Will like to be in touch with you for the same.


I already have posted my queries since long but seems no one is interested to support fresh users of jasper/iReport and in absence of complete documentation its a tough job to evaluate and claim the product capabilites


You can see my posting at



I would be interested to know your findings. Hope you share it.



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Hi, chetan_33


I'm sorry that you did not receive any answer on your past inquiries, but you have listed 25 questions there, some of them with complex answers.

I think it would take hours if not days to fully answer them. Also, putting all questions in the same post makes it difficult for those who really want to help you, because it will be hard to come up with answers to all of them.

You should try come up with precise questions, each on its own thread and you probably have better luck.

At least part of your questions will be answered.


Thank you,


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