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Is there way to set page size of HTML report


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Our current exporters try to keep the same layout of the document, no matter what the output format.

This is why the HTML exporter produces this kind of "pixel perfect" layout in which the page size of the original report template is preserved.


I'm not sure what you want to achieve, but all I can say is that the HTML content that our exporter produces will not expend to cover the entire browser area when the window expands. It will remains the same size no matter what the browser window size is.


We made things this way because JasperReports was originally designed with printing in mind, so all sizes must be very precise.


In the future, we are thinking of creating a more "relaxed" HTML exporter that will produce adaptable HTML content.


I hope this helps.


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has this become true? Because I'm currently facing the same problem. I wan't a simple html report which is displayed with the available size or a size I can define. If I want to print it i use pdf. I'm currently evaluationg JR for switching out of birt, so a fast answer would be welcome.

Greetings Marco

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So it is now 6 years later - 9 since the answer that they are "thinking" of creating a more "relaxed" HTML exporter. As far as I can see, this is still not the case. Did you guys just become tired of thinking about it and forget about it? Or might this still be in the works? What works well for printing often does not work well for HTML display. I find that the HTML display is oftwen way to small, while the printed copy is easily readable. It would be nice to be able to "scale up" or something to use the more relaxed format of HTML when displaying in a browser, while still being able to produce nice PDF's for printing.

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