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JRViewer Slowing Java

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By: Dave G - dgarratt

JRViewer Slowing Java

2006-04-15 05:43

I have seen a reference to bug 1441885 which may be related to my problem since I upgrade 1.0.3 to 1.2.1 Apart from the classpath to the new jar my application did not change. However when I preview a report with 1.2.1 the whole application seems to slow down. It is particulary noticable when I switch to another app and then back again - the screen redraw is very slow. I have tried creating a new report from scratch with iReports but this still exhibits the same problem. Although task manager does not show my machine is very busy I suspect something is keeping java very busy, perhaps some thread(s) running in the background. Any ideas ? My machine is quite fast and it's really quite slow for me.


I can post my code if it would help.









By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JRViewer Slowing Java

2006-04-17 09:01




We are tracking this issue here:



Thank you,


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Hi, i am the person that first post a bug about this, when the forums were in sourceforge; and this bug report is like 9 months old! :ohmy:


Do you plan fix this bug? or the people that experiment it are so few that it doesn't matters? :(


The bug started from the version 1.2.0


The link that teodor posted, where the issue is being traking sends me an error, it says: Artifact: Only Group Members Can View Private ArtifactTypes

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The trackers were also moved to JasperForge and the new location is:



This indeed is something that only a few users have reported. It is not about how many report an issue for us to resolve it, is just that since we are not able to reproduce the problem in our environments, we cannot track it down.

So in order for the problem to be solved quickly we need as much input and help from the reporter as we can get.

This is one of the advantages you get with open source.

The fact that by having the code, the end users can help track down problem and thus contribute to the project.


Simply saying: "This does not work OK and I want you to solve it!" does not help too much.


Thank you,


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I am very happy, the patch works very well! thank you.


I want to offer you an apologize, for my bad manners in my last post, sorry :(


But i can see the BIG B) advantaje that open source offers to the world; you are a big proyect and even just a single angry user is important for you, and you work even in the problem of a single user, that is amazing!.


In the other side, in the closed source proyects; only the big companies, or the people with money, have voice. That's the reason because the closed programs never ever will be so great like open source, because open source is FOR the users, and not just for the company.


Keep working guys; and again, thank you very much


NOTE: here is a spanish translation for the JRViewer



first.page=Primera pagina
previous.page=Pagina anterior
next.page=Pagina siguiente
last.page=Ultima pagina
go.to.page=Ir a la pagina
actual.size=Tamaño actual
fit.page=Ancho de pagina
fit.width=Ancho del texto
page=Pagina {0} de {1}
no.pages=El documento no tiene paginas.
error.saving=Error guardando documento. Vea la consola por detalles.
error.printing=Error imprimiendo reporte. Vea la consola por detalles.
error.loading=Error cargando reporte. Vea la consola por detalles.
error.hyperlink=Error encontrado al seguir un hipervínculo. Vea la consola por detalles.
error.displaying=Error mostrando pagina del reporte. Vea la consola por detalles.
file.exists=El archivo {0} ya existe. Desea reemplazarlo?

Post edited by: eisenrich, at: 2006/10/10 00:07

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