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java.security.AccessControlException Problem

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By: legion - cajinadiaz

java.security.AccessControlException Problem

2006-03-20 15:27


I try to run the webapp sample included in jasperreports-1.2.0-project . When the applet application try to run .. appears a mesaage:

java.security.AccessControllException : access denied (java.io.FilePermissions c:/Mis... read)


I try to solve it signig the jasper and thougth the java.policy file... but it's dont work..


Please tell the steps for running a jasperreport on applet..



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to run the printing applet sample , we have to sign the applet.first compile all PrinterApplet.java and all other releated files inside applets folder and then add all those class files to jasperreports-1.2.7-applet.jar using this command


jar uf jasperreports-1.2.7-applet.jar *.class


and then we have to sign the applet.how to sign applet is give in the following two links.





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