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new and confused

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By: Ron LePine - rlepine

new and confused

2002-09-13 08:27

Read through what I could find on Jasperreports and I have a few questions. First I need to produce the reports via the web. Do I need to produce a pdf file to view the report or can it be viewed via an applet (anyone have an examplee)? Does the entire report need to be produced to be viewed or can it be viewed page at a time as the data becomes available? I'm currently using tomcat/itext for my reporting system and the problem I'm having is that large reports take a long time to complete.


Thanks very much in advance,





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: new and confused

2002-09-14 02:30




There will be an applet sample provided with

the next version.

But it shouldn't be too hard for anybody to try

to create an applet based on the existing viewer.


As for the second problem:

No, JasperReports does not output before the report

generation is complete.

This is because it has some features like

the "evaluationTime" attribute that does not allow

us to consider some part of a report complete,

before the entire report is completed.


Thank you,


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