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Jasper Reports Server 8.20 CE, Server Error

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This has never happened before, and is pretty darned inconvenient

It is NOT a Browser thing - Safari, Chrome and Firefox all behave the same
It could be a Windows 10/11 thing, or it could be a JasperReports Server thing 

Running Jasper Reports Server CE, Version 8.20
Off Ubuntu 22.04, Tomcat 9.0.63, with OpenJDK 8

URL: https://blahblahblah.com:8443/jasperserver/rest_v2/reports/reports/blah.pdf?j_username=bb&j_password=cc&pCaseList=2482695,

Reloading the Server Page, produces the correct report, but leaves the error page
Nothing has been added, changed, removed from the Server Setup for several months - especially this report
The weird thing I see is that Spanish is used in the log, and that's never been a thing

If the report is run again, then it works without error

The Jasper Reports Server Error reported is:
Internal server error occurred. Please contact your system administrator.
Details: There was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrators. (Error UID: 45d5a412-e8c1-4bdb-b5a4-0aae949951a0)


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On further tinkering, it appears that the problem is to do with "logging on"

Going directly to the Jasper ReportServer web page, and trying logging on produces a "system error" but a refresh of that browser tab, everything progresses as normal

The error (naturally enough I guess) for a failed logon doesn't seem to generate any log file output (probably because of the reported server error)

I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to gracefully shut down the system, and gently reboot it

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Specifically what is happening on going to the jasperreorts server home page, is this...
See page01.png
See page02.png
See page03.png
Refresh - logon successful
Can run a report directly, and it succeeds
See page01.png




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