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how to pass parameter using python


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Hi, i have i report in .jrxml format where i need to run the file by daily but i need to do manipulation the query before run the file.. therefore i using create parameter for the date to make it dynamic based on user input. Therefore its possible to declare the variable in python and pass the variable to the .jxrml file before trigger the file? Or, its anywhere how to run the .jxrml with parameter using python.


  />    </field></subDataset><parameter name="dateFilter" class="java.util.Date"/><parameter name="Parameter1" class="java.lang.String"/><queryString>        <![CDATA[select * from sampleDatawhere created_at >= $P{dateFilter}]]>how i can define the variable "dateFilter" using python and pass the variable into the script? or is there any different ways i can do that?[/code]


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