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Starting Jasper Reports Server as a Service - Linux


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Hi All,


Looking to get some help with getting Jasper Reports Server getting started as a service.

We originally had this running with an older install of 5.6 but am now encountering difficulty with version 8.2 and a newer platform.

Our setup:

Rocky Linux 9

Jasper Reports Server 8.2


I originally saw this but did not work for us:



Both tomcat and postgres turn on immediately but shut down upon startup. (monitored by spamming 'service jasperserver status' immediately on system reboot)

I have edited both the user name (root) and the jasper reports location for the path in order to make the original script work.


Upon installing the service,

"service jasperserver start" and "service jasperserver stop" do work, and so does <js-install>/ctlscript.sh start/stop as well.


However, we are looking to get this started on bootup.


Has anyone have had any experiences doing this with a new install?


Thanks so much!

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Hi Scplys,

If the JRS ctlscript.sh works nicely, would any of the options described in this blog post https://dannyda.com/2022/09/22/how-to-run-start-execute-program-service-on-system-startup-boot-linux-debian-ubuntu-kali-linux-rocky-linux-redhat-fedora-etc/ works with your Rocky Linux 9 to auto-start the server on bootup?



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It is better to use systemctl rather than the old "service" way of doing with with init.d scripts. Try this below, it worked for me. You need to use RemainAfterExit because the script ends when it is finished starting or stopping, and we don't want systemd to assume the app has ended.

> cat /etc/systemd/system/jaspersoft.service

ExecStart=/opt/jasperreports-server-8.2.0/ctlscript.sh start
ExecStop=/opt/jasperreports-server-8.2.0/ctlscript.sh stop


> systemctl daemon-reload
> systemctl enable jaspersoft.service
> systemctl start jaspersoft.service

View logs with:
> journalctl -u jaspersoft.service

View service status with:

> systemctl status jaspersoft.service

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