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Show multiple "Detail" results within the same row


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Hi, all,

I'm sorry if this is already answered somewhere; perhaps my issue is not knowing the terminology to find what I'm looking for:  In the details section of my report, I have 3 small fields from my query that all fit along the left side of the page.  Instead of the second result appearing under the first one, I'd like it to appear to the right of the first result so that multiple records appear on the same row and then only start a new row after putting maybe 3 results on the same row.

I'm not sure how to do that.  I tried changing the Detail section's layout to Horizontal, Vertical, etc., but I didn't notice a change, so I suspect I'm looking in the wrong place.  Can someone give me any pointers or throw some keywords at me for what I should search for in the documentation?

Thank you!

Update:  Thank you, @rushinde, for taking the time to reply, but I think I may not have described my problem clearly enough.  Given a data set similar to:

Column AColumn BColumn C
Field 1AField 1BField 1C
Field 2AField 2BField 2C
Field 3AField 3BField 3C
Field 4AField 4BField 4C

I would like the report to look like:

Field 1A
Field 1B
Field 1C
Field 2A
Field 2B
Field 2C
Field 3A
Field 3B
Field 3C
Field 4A
Field 4B
Field 4C


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