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How to get the browser session data and use that for RBAC


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Hi Jaspersoft Team,

We are currently working on integrating Jaspersoft UI with another internal UI and looking into ways to read the session data to determine the role of the user.

Based on the session data received we will be determining the role and set the permissions for the resources user can access.

Please suggest if there is any approach we can take to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi mbielkiewicz - thank you for providing the information. Unfortunately I am not able to use the below Rest API as we are using Community edition of jasperserver and its only available in commercial edition.


Is there anyway we can achieve multi tenancy to restriction users based on multiple organizations so that for specific org assigned to user he will be having only access to that particular resources?

Again we are looking to achieve this in community version of jasperserver for which the above organization rest api is not accessible.

Thanks in advance

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