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Configuring OpenID Connect for JasperReports® Server V.8


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I am referring to this Wiki page: Configuring OAuth 2.0 for TIBCO JasperReports® Server

I don't get SSO to work, following the steps provided in the Wiki using the Server Version 8.1.1 and Keycloak.

Adding the applicationContext-externalAuth-oAuth.xml to my WEB-INF results in the Jasper Reports Server not starting anymore.

What do you fill the userdetails_key and userdetails_secret with? From my understanding the Server doesn't need any of that, because Jasper Reports gets access to the user-info by passing a valide token.

Which files do you have to add to your lib?

The Wiki article ignores these files, i added them to my lib is that correct? src/com/jaspersoft/jasperserver/ps/OAuth

Would anybody, who got it to work/partially work, please explain the steps? 

kind regards

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The OAuth implementation could become a complex implementation based on the type of integration is required. There is a Dr. Jaspersoft session related to OpenID integration and that might help on certain aspects of this implementation.

If this is not a complete solution you are looking for then you might need to work with our Customer Success team who can help you to implement the solution or even implement the solution on your behalf and provide you with the required code. Though it does require an Upshift plan, if that is something feasible on your side. 

Dr. Jaspersoft - SSO with OpenID Connect:

Jaspersoft Customer Success: https://www.jaspersoft.com/customer-success

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