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Forward Proxy Support in 6.20.0


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Hi all, 

I have been working on a project to add forward proxy support to our application. It was brought to my attention that when generating Jasper Reports, there is a chance that an external URL could be used to retrieve images or other data to be embedded in the report. In particular, the call that was brought up for concern is:

RendererUtil#getRenderable(URL url, OnErrorTypeEnum onErrorType)

We don't want to set the proxy configuration globally on the JVM level as each outgoing connection from our application may not use the same proxy, so we have been adding it on a case by case basis. 

My question is: is it possible to add some sort of proxy configuration on the library level to force these outbound connections to route through it? If not, has anyone else resolved a similar issue? 


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Could you please provide the following information:

  • Are you using JasperReports Server or only JasperReports library?
  • Where are these resources coming from? 
  • Which Proxy are you using?

Could you also send an example of Jrxml file and what you are trying to achieve?




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