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data input control to fill report parameters


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I assume you can fill in report (made in ireport) parameters through jasperintelligence through the use of data input controls, I'm just not sure how exactly to format it to make it work. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Go ahead and take a look at the jasperintelligence-user-guide.pdf (from the documentation section on jasperforge). It runs through an example of creating an input control UI element (actually gets stored as an object in the JI repository). This input control UI needs to have the same name as the parameter found in the JasperReport JRXML (ie the jrxml created by iReport). This is added to the "ReportUnit" in jasperintelligence (ie. a report unit is a holder of a jrxml and all associated data such as input controls, data sources, etc).


Then, when the report is run in jasperintelligence, it sees the input control and knows to display this to the user so that the data may be filled in.



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I'd like to add that currently, you can create the report in iReport, and using the JI iReport plugin, you can put the report on the server and create input controls.


However, you cannot connect a report to a control in iReport, even if they were both created in iReport and the control name matches the parameter name.


To connect the control to the report you have to go to the webapp and use their UI. The server's webservices interface, which iReport uses, doesn't offer this functionality yet.



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