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Dynamic Fields

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By: Dan Powell - danpowell

Dynamic Fields

2004-03-31 12:39

Is it possible to create fields dynamically (either through introspection into the DataSource or through paramaters) without creating a new report definition on the fly, compiling it, and loading it?


I am using a CustomDataSource approach to populate the report, but the columns in the DataSource, and thus the fields in the report, will change with nearly every report load.





By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: Dynamic Fields

2004-03-31 19:35

I'm not too sure, but I know that you can still access your report's bands when it's still in .jasper format (JasperReport class).

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You are posting on a thread that is 4 years old and the initial poster do not get your message unless you write them on their Sourceforge.net accounts (the message was migrated).

Dan already mentioned the solution, but he said he does not want to do that. Still, it is the only one.

If you have dynamic reports, you need to create them dynamically, at runtime, using the JR API.

You can check the /demo/samples/noxmldesign sample provided with the JR project source files.


I hope this helps.


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