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htmlcomponent autosize /auto fit/ stretch with overflow issue. html input file not able to stretch the data or pick the dynamic size.


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Team !!!!

I am not able to do autosize/auto fit the input html content in the jasper design for the htmlcomponent or take the dynamic size .

Any work around to fix this. Please help.



Above config has been done for htmlcomponent.please check anything else can be done to fix this.



It is taking above size !! Is there is any possible way to take the size dynamically?

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the samples that come with version 4.0.1 of JasperReports source, there is one very interesting for me, "htmlcomponent", I have been testing the sample, modifying the parameters that are passed to the report.
The problem I've found to use it, is that when generating a pdf, if the html included in the htmlContentExpression is lengthy, does not fit into the htmlcomponent's height , so the pdf generated doesn't look fine.
Would It  be possible to have the same behavior can be obtained for the component "text field" with  "Stretch with overflow"  property to true?, ie, if the text is too large the component height es dinamically increased, so that the pdf may be printed in several pages.

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