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SEC_TO_TIME conversion


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How can i calculate miliseconds to HH:MM:SS format in iReport.

I can do this by executing this query


SELECT SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( SEC_TO_TIME( `totalTime` ) ) ) AS totalTime FROM individualprofiletable;


But when i execute this query in iReport it converts the output to 1/1/70 12:03AM.


Plz help me out.

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I posted the same problem last week. The only way I could convert unix timestamp to readable time was to create a static method in an external class mystuff.java:


public static String getSQLDate(Long today) {


Timestamp EndDate = new Timestamp(Long.parseLong(today+"")*1000);

return EndDate.toString();



In the text field expression call your method

mystuff.getSQLDate($F{CREATED_T}). set your tesx field expression class as a String.


Works for me


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Brute force might be the best answer then. Create a String field with the expression:



new String ( ($F{totalTime}.longValue() / 3600) + ":" +
(($F{totalTime}.longValue() % 3600) / 60))


or something to that effect. If totalTime is milliseconds and not seconds just replace the hard coded constants with 3600000 and 60000.



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My query is like this:


And I want to convert individualprofiletable.totalTime into HH:MM:SS.


Select distinct individualprofiletable.firstname, individualprofiletable.middlename, individualprofiletable.lastname,individualprofiletable.totalTime,usertable.alias From individualprofiletable,registrationpintable,usertable where usertable.user_id=registrationpintable.user_id && individualprofiletable.userid=registrationpintable.user_id && college_name='vtu_college1';


Plz help me.

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