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  1. Hi I had a simular problem with Oracle, try copying the jdbc jar file you got into the lib directory of iReports, restart iReports. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi I posted the same problem last week. The only way I could convert unix timestamp to readable time was to create a static method in an external class mystuff.java: public static String getSQLDate(Long today) { Timestamp EndDate = new Timestamp(Long.parseLong(today+"")*1000); return EndDate.toString(); } In the text field expression call your method mystuff.getSQLDate($F{CREATED_T}). set your tesx field expression class as a String. Works for me Cheers
  3. Has anyone been successful in including outside classes in Report? It would be useful to be able to call ones own methods for formatting and calculations. I wrote a test class, exported to a jar and added it under options..classpath. The report compiles fine and it seems to see the class but when I run it I get a NoSuchMethodError. Any help would be appreciated Not to worry, I figured it out myself. Using static methods seems to work out well. Post edited by: leroyg, at: 2006/08/23 11:13
  4. Hi I am trying to convert a unix timestamp (a BigDecimal) to a java.sql.Timestamp. Something like Timestamp StartDate = new Timestamp(1155852000*1000) Thanks Not to worry, I'm using a static methods to achieve this. Post edited by: leroyg, at: 2006/08/23 11:16
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