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Want to send email via REST API v2

Ankur Gupta

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Hi Folks, 

I am trying to send email via REST API v2, using the community Jasperserver 7.8.0. 
I an using postmant to test the request, the JSON request is as below. - 

I am hitting the REST API endpoint jobs 


    "label": "Sample Job Name",
    "description": "Sample desctiption",
    "mailNotification": {
      "bccAddresses": [],
      "ccAddresses": [],
      "includingStackTraceWhenJobFails": "false",
      "messageText": "tes msg",
      "resultSendType": "SEND_ATTACHMENT",
      "skipEmptyReports": "false",
      "skipNotificationWhenJobFails": "false",
      "subject": "test",
      "toAddresses": {
         "address": "ankur.gupta.aug@gmail.com"
      "version": "0"
   "source": {
        "reportUnitURI": "/reports/Summary/Summary_Appointment_By_Owner_Type_Status",
        "parameters": {
            "parameterValues": {
                "UserId": [37540],
                "ParentId": [37540],
                "Param1": [],
                "FromDate" : '2021-05-01',
                "ToDate" : '2021-05-31'
    "baseOutputFilename": "testoo",
    "outputTimeZone": "America/Los_Angeles",
    "repositoryDestination": {
      "folderURI": "/reports",
      "overwriteFiles": "true",
      "saveToRepository": "false",
      "sequentialFilenames": "false",
      "usingDefaultReportOutputFolderURI": "false"
    } ,
    "outputFormats": {
        "outputFormat": ["PDF", "XLS"]
     "trigger": {
        "simpleTrigger": {
            "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
            "startType": 1,
            "startDate": null,
            "occurrenceCount": 1

The error which I get is - 

serialization.errorThere was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrators.

Any thoughts on this, maybe I have missed something in the request creation. 



Ankur Gupta



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