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Report with unkown number of similar tables


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Hi, I am trying to create a report which contains an undetermined number of tables, all of them with the same structure but different data, taken from different rows of a database.

The number of data rows (and hence, tables) can change (the data source keeps changing), so the number of tables is dynamic and is determined at the time of generating the report.

Anybody knows what's the best approach to achieve this? Subreports? If so, I can't figure out how by what 'm finding online.

Please note that I'm not looking for a single table with many rows, but for multiple tables, all of them with the same number of rows but different data.

Thank you

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My ideas are as follows.

1. Create the parameter 'P_table_name'.

2. Embed the parameter in the From clause of SQL.
select a,b,c
from $P!{P_table_name}
*'!' It is important to add

3. Upload the report to the server.

4. Change the parameter settings and configure the settings for getting the list values.


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