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  1. Will you mention which version Jaspersoft you use?
  2. Page number element not placed on all bands: Ensure that the page number element is placed on the correct band (e.g., page header, page footer) and that it is present on all sub-reports as well. Please click on Summery with page header and footer
  3. Strange!!!! Are you trying by changing the font? Can you provide the JRXML file?
  4. Put that table in the summary section or add it in the Title or page header section. Basically, the detail section shows data as many times as you have rows. For example, if you have data with 3 rows then, the Details section calls 3 times. If you add the table in the detail section which shows 5-row data then 3 tables will show. Cause details have 3-row data. means it will multiply with details section data, which means 5 x 3 = 15 row
  5. If your field class type date or timestamp you can change the pattern. Write "MM/YYYY" in the pattern box. The example is shown below:
  6. As far as I know, evaluation time is not expected with the subreport. For example, when we print page no x of y, we call the same variable but x evaluation time now & y evaluation time report, which means the last result will print. Now If we pass this page no to the subreport it always takes current data means evaluation time now data. If the subreport print on the first page it will print 1 if it calls on 2nd page it will print 2. I attached a report I think will help you. where I pass the field and calculative variable to the sub-report. The output will look like this. Thanks
  7. Check this link. Here showed how to use an external DataBase Driver. https://jasperreporter.blogspot.com/2022/12/how-to-use-external-microsoft-jdbc.html
  8. Ohh great. Congrats :) Vote for this answer. It will help people.
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