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Subreport update is not reflecting in master report


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I have a subreport with a crosstab (within the summary band) which I placed in the detail band of the master report.

Then, I added a chart in the subreport but I can't see it in my master report when I do a preview. I already tried removing and readding the subreport, but still I can't see the chart.

Any suggestions on what can be wrong?



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From Jaspersoft Studio guide:

For JasperReports to retrieve data and fill the subreport, you have to set the subreport data source. The following
options are available:
• Use the same connection used to fill the master report – Select this to use the same JDBC data
adapter for the master report and the subreport. The JDBC connection is passed to the subreport to execute

Use another connection – Select this to specify a different JDBC data adapter for the subreport.
• Use a JRDataSource expression – Select this to use a JRDataSource object to fill the subreport.
• Use an empty datasource


and if you have any parameters then:

To pass parameters from the master report to a subreport, you create a set of parameter name/object pairs that
feed the parameters map of the subreport. To do this, click the Edit Parameters button on the Subreport tab of
the Properties view to open the Subreport Parameters dialog.

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