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Cannot find system font (.ttf)

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By: py cheng - puiyi

Cannot find system font (.ttf)

2002-08-09 10:39



I tried to embed a .ttf font in a pdf report. It works fine if the absolute path of the font is specified in the pdfFontName attribute, however, the relative path doesn't work for me.


<reportFont ...pdfFontName="../C123456.ttf" ...isPdfEmbedded="true"/>


can anyone help please?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Cannot find system font (.ttf)

2002-08-12 01:06




As far as I know, the relative path works.

We use it in the samples.

But you have to verify what is the current path

when you run your application.

I think there is the problem.


The current path comes from the current directory

when you launch the JVM (java.exe command line).


Those considerations might not suit everybody

in web environment, since there you have not such

a good control on the way the application

is deployed.


I don't know if iText has improved somehow this

behavior to let us load TTF files from classpath

and so on.

Maybe we should post this on the iText forum,

or maybe Paulo is monitoring this forum and would

be kind to answer us.


Thank you,


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