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Use CSV as datasource - CSV changes

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 I was wondering how to use a CSV as a datasource, I've managed to get it working on the server, but whenever I make changes to the CSV these are not shown in the report. 

I've tracked this down to whenever I publish report it will also save a copy of the CSV file to the server, which I'm assuming it then looks at. 

How can I instead have it look at an XML without it needing that 'local' copy? 

I've tried making use of file//pathtofile, but this causes the same problem. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


EDIT: What is also strange to me, is when I preview in studio even though the report is looking at the XML file stored on the server, whenever I run this it shows the changes in the CSV file no problem. 

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So I figured out where I was going wrong. 

I shouldn't have ever been using the T: or file:\  instead I need to make use of the actual server that the file was stored on so \server2folderfile.csv this has now worked and I can update the file freely. 

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